Prizm is an effort to build a contrast

Prizm is an effort to build a contrast through maximizing your natural color vision. What we can do with a Prizm lens is identify what colors you’re naturally prone to seeing effectively,cheap oakleys sunglasses  then look at the environment and match up those colors, so you have a lot of contrast, which gives you better depth perception which ultimately gives you performance value.

Being outdoors, the protection level for the eyes needs to be higher. While all sunglasses are worn outdoors, oakley knockoffs sale sports activities need special care because people are out in the sun for longer periods of time.

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Given how variable light conditions tend to be on most mountain biking trails, finding the correct pair of sunglasses to suit your needs can feel impossible.When it comes to motocross, that translates to the identification of bumps and transitions between textures in dirt and things cheap fake oakley outlet shop online like that allowing you to see better in shadowy ruts giving you an advantage.

Oakley’s latest release the EVZero does away with the frame completely, and is designed for totally oakley outlet shop free of shipping unobstructed vision. Claimed to be ‘the lightest performance sunglasses in history’, the new EVZero is a redesigned version of the the Sub Zero which was released in the 90’s.