Improve vision for your specific sport

At first glance, the Oakley Radar Pace looks very similar to the Oakley Thump, a set of sunglasses with a built-in MP3 oakleys sunglasses Top quality, great-fitting, action sports eye protection with an ingenious quick lens swap system and a choice of activity-specific lenses designed to improve vision for your specific sport plus a universal low light Persimmon lens.

But while the Radar Pace  have little earbuds for listening to music, oakley knockoffs sale the technology packed inside them—as well as Oakley’s app—will potentially let runners and cyclists get a lot more out of their workouts through an interactive voice coach that analyzes your heart rate, pace, and other data, and give you suggestions on how to improve.

Oakley DOUBLE EDGE™ OO9380-0166

The result of “years” of research and development by Oakley and Intel, the glasses feature a “real-time voice-activated coaching system,” fake cheap oakley baseball sunglasses the companies explained in a news release, that tracks your performance using internal and external sensors, offers motivation when you need it, and responds to questions like “what’s today’s workout,” “how’s my pace,” or “what’s my power.”

If you race cyclocross, cheap replica oakleys sale chances are you’re training and racing in conditions that vary from bright sun to near darkness, in varied temperatures and humidity.